St. George-South, Corfu, 49080. Greece

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St George is a relaxing resort, but also provides a wealth of activities for your Holiday.

St George - On the doorstep of local Culture, Andriana apartments is not only located next to the most tranquil beach of the resort, but turn left out of the gates and you can walk up to the local village of Argyrades, experience their untouched friendly culture. Why not visit a local festival? That the Greeks love and welcome you to. Argyrades is located on the main North South road which is the umbilical to the rest of the island.

Two beautiful sandy beaches - One of which is right on your doorstep due to St George’s geographical location on the island, there is usually a refreshing very gentle sea breeze, so you can lie in the sunshine in comfort, but also it has calm, crystal clear water for you to enjoy which also gives the benefit of being exceedingly safe for swimming including a life guard, but additionally it has a very steady gradient for depth.

Lake Korission - An exceptional water-biotope, one of the few remaining in Corfu, will impress you with its rare fauna and flora. So whether you enjoy bird-watching, or you just want to witness the unique beauty of this location, do not miss the opportunity to visit Lake Korission during your stay in St George, Corfu Greece!


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About Services

When you stay in Andriana apartments you have the unique benefit of having exclusive access discounted prices to various water activities (Jet Skiing, motor boats, pedalo, canoe, kite surfing).

About Services

There are many boat trips that you can go on during your stay. These, including boat trips to other smaller Islands such as Paxos, a swim in the Blue Lagoon or a day out in Corfu town.

About Services

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